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Professional Black Belt Academy Reviews

  • I greatly appreciate the time and attention that is given for direct instruction to each student within the class, no matter how many students are attending. The patience and compassion that each instructor gives is outstanding. Each student is challenged to meet expectations in a supportive, encouraging way that scaffolds learning, understanding and respect. Thank you for all you do!

    Kari Davis
  • Top Shelf instructors with heart. All the people here are doing what they love and it shows. Their passion for the martial arts and humanity makes this a very special family to be a part of. Our son loves learning here. Their commitment to their students was most recently exemplified by adapting to the current Corona issue. Online group classes are being held live every day. Staying active and engaged through it all. If you have thought about learning martial arts, I believe this is the best place you could get involved. They teach all ages and offer adult classes too.

    Craig Scholljegerdes
  • Liliana absolutely loves coming to class. It does wonders for her self confidence. Thank you for encouraging and supporting her!

    Tammy Marsh
  • This has been a great experience for my children. The stress on respect, listening, and the core control of physical aspects it phenomenal! The change in my children has been remarkable after 1 year!

    Margaret Welch Boger
  • Fantastic family run business with excellent instruction.

    Kenneth Acha
  • Great, caring people and awesome customer service. My daughter loves the instructors and the classes each week.

    Kristin Mulkey Cove
  • Very professional and meet kids where they are at. They are patient and very thorough. Great family owned/run organization.

    Rob Butler
  • The instructors are great with the kids and I can see a big difference from when my son first started and now. He is excited to go to class everyday and is learning a lot.

    Justin-Christi Robertson
  • Excellent! Highly recommend.

    John Perkins
  • Amazing family owned and operated business. First class program and instruction with decades of experience. Highly recommend experiencing for yourself. This is the most accurate way to experience world class, student centric martial arts training.

    Kevin Hanks
  • Love my time here at the dojo they have great instrustors here who are highly knowledgeable. Great training regime with solid workouts, Guarantee to burn 200 calories minimum each class. Certainly plan to continue my training here. Already have Learned a lot about my self from my short time here. Must be willing to take on the challenge and never give up! Great for kids of all ages and who are seeking to bring the best out of them as well. Even with working 2 jobs I'll still find a way to make time for MY training.

    Roman Adonis
  • I’ve only just started there a couple of days ago and I’m already loving it hands down. The people there are friendly and cheerful, the atmosphere is relaxing and it’s just an all around wonderful experience. Needless to say, I’m definitely looking forward to my future classes. ^_^

    Scott Nalls
  • Our grandchildren have been going here since school began this year and we've seen them develop and achieve so much in this short time! The staff are professional, but also very caring! They're going to need a bigger place, because they will continue to grow!

    Claire Respaldiza

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