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One of the best ways to improve mental health and fitness is through the pursuit of a discipline like mixed martial arts. At Professional Black Belt Academy, we offer Taekwondo classes in Prosper TX that do exactly that. With three convenient locations and multiple class and scheduling options, our Prosper Taekwondo classes are the step toward personal improvement that you've been looking for!


Introducing the Best Option in Prosper Mixed Martial Arts


We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our training, but the focus of our relational community. We have the elite status of being the TaeKwon-Do/Karate and Self-Defense Academy endorsed by the Father of American Taekwondo, Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, and the Father of American Karate, Grand Master J. Pat Burleson.


However, in addition to top quality instructors and programs, we create a family environment where each individual will thrive and feel safe in pursuing personal goals. In our Prosper Taekwondo classes, every adult and child has a place to belong, no matter their unique challenges or goals. Our focus on inclusion and development has been shown to increase self-esteem, enhance focus and attention span, curb behavior problems and develop teamwork mindsets. Check out our

Taekwondo lessons in Prosper TX and see what martial arts can do for you!


Professional Black Belt Academy offers the following options:


  • Children's classes starting ages 4-6
  • Adult classes for all experience levels
  • Summer camp programs
  • After school programs
  • Special events



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Our Prosper Taekwondo lessons are also an excellent alternative to daycare, with affordable pricing and built-in transportation available. Let us show you the best in Prosper mixed martial arts. Visit one of our locations or our website to sign up for Prosper Taekwondo classes or learn more about the Professional Black Belt family. See you soon!