Prosper Kids Adult Karate Lessons


Discover the best in martial arts courses for all ages at Professional Black Belt Academy. Owner Buddy Hudson, a 9th degree black belt, World Games Silver Medalist, Olympic National Finalist and seven-time National Fighting Champion provides the highest level of instruction in a family-friendly environment. Whether you’re looking for Prosper kids karate lessons and after school care, or self-defense or kickboxing programs for adults and teens, you can find it at our top-notch facilities.


Discover Prosper Mixed Martial Arts That Stand Out From the Competition


Our family-owned business strives to give you more in every way, from our large number of classes and programs to our competitive pricing. Children love our Prosper kids karate lessons, and adults love our exciting and thorough martial arts, fitness and self-defense programs. Teenagers can gain skills, better fitness and help prevent bullying with our classes, too. There’s something for every age and every level.


When you’re looking for Prosper mixed martial arts classes, you’ll want to turn to us because we are the leader in the area. From world-class Prosper adult karate lessons to all types of classes for kids, we do it all. Team up with us and discover:


  • A huge range of programs, including karate, Brazilian Jujitsu, Taekwondo, kickboxing, self-defense courses and much more
  • The highest rated instructors with national and international certifications
  • Affordable prices that give you more for your money
  • How we focus on the whole person; we’re committed to your overall wellness, not just exercise
  • A family-friendly environment that provides classes for preschool ages through adults
  • Clean, professional team and facilities
  • More services than any other martial arts studio, including an outstanding after school program
  • Fun extras like summer camps and birthday parties
  • Private lessons to help develop your skills fully

Kids Karate Lessons in Prosper TX That Go Above and Beyond


When you work with us to help your child discover the joy of martial arts, you’re investing in your child’s future. Our programs help your child:


  • Meet health and fitness goals to stay active and healthy
  • Learn more focus and discipline, which will lead to better grades
  • Improved concentration and responsibility
  • Better self-esteem and confidence
  • Prevention of bullying
  • Lifelong physical and mental skills to help them succeed


Calling all Kids and Adults: Karate Lessons in Prosper TX – Now Is Your Time to Shine


Our high-level Prosper kids karate lessons, as well as our teen and adult programs, offer many benefits. Discover the thrill and excitement of learning martial arts today and embarking on a journey to the best you!