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Are you ready to take your health and well-being to another level? Professional Black Belt Academy offers Celina Taekwondo classes for all ages, providing superior options in fitness and personal development. Our professional and caring staff trained under world masters in martial arts and are now bringing their skills to all our Taekwondo classes in Celina TX. Our three convenient locations are the only martial arts studios in the world to be recognized and endorsed by both Grand Master Jhoon Rhee and Grand Master J. Pat Burleson, founders of the American Taekwondo and Karate scenes. No matter your reason for pursuing martial arts, our Celina Taekwondo lessons offer the best training at the best price.


Superior Options in Celina Mixed Martial Arts


At Professional Black Belt Academy, our Taekwondo lessons in Celina TX are designed for every experience level and schedule. We know how busy it is to raise a family and find activities to bring everyone together; let our flexible training programs make it simple! We offer Celina Taekwondo classes for all ages, starting with 4-6 years. We offer packages for special events like birthday parties, as well as summer camps. Our after school programs are also significantly cheaper than daycare. Our staff can even assist with transportation, saving you time and money.


In addition, the health benefits and personal development that result from our Celina Taekwondo lessons will change your life! Martial arts training has been proven to offer the following benefits:


  • Increased coordination and strength
  • Stronger attention span and focus
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Better social skills and teamwork
  • Goal setting and achievement practice
  • Increased self esteem and confidence


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If you're ready to see what martial arts can do for you or your family, check out our website or visit to sign up for a program that suits your needs. Our friendly staff is available to answer questions and introduce you to the Professional Black Belt family. We hope to hear from you soon!