Celina Mixed Martial Arts Classes



The Professional Black Belt Academy is your local source for world-class Celina mixed martial arts classes. If you’re looking for a fun and challenging way to stay fit and build your strength in the off-season, or if you’re just an adult looking for accessible and high-quality self-defense training, you’ve found the perfect solution with our team of compassionate professional instructors.


Our Celina martial arts training is also available to children of all ages, and our alternative daycare program is an ideal two-in-one solution for parents looking for after school care and worthwhile extracurricular activities. The first class is free, so it’s never been easier to try it out.


Build Yourself up with Martial Arts Training in Celina TX


Our head instructor Buddy Hudson has been internationally recognized for his martial arts expertise in the Olympics and the World Games and his skill as an instructor in the international karate hall of fame. At reasonable, competitive prices, you can get one of the best for your mixed martial arts classes in Celina TX.


Celina mixed martial arts classes can bring a wide range of benefits to both your mind and body, no matter how old you are.


  • Feel comfortable standing up for yourself with increased confidence and self-esteem.
  • Enhance your focus and discipline and give your productivity a boost.
  • Learn real and effective self-defense skills so you can feel safe.
  • Give your children life skills and a sense of responsibility and self-respect in our Celina kids martial arts


Take advantage of our unique alternative to daycare: Our instructors will pick your kids up from school and bring them back to our center for healthy snacks and homework time before their Celina martial arts training. They get engaging martial arts training and after school care for likely the same price or less than what you pay for daycare alone!


Get Started Today


Call or stop by the Professional Black Belt Academy now to schedule your first Celina mixed martial arts classes and meet our staff. We can’t wait to get started!