Celina After School Karate Programs



At Professional Black Belt Academy, we focus on providing fun, enriching experiences that will help children learn invaluable life skills. We have the highest rated instructors and focus on the overall health and well-being of your child while providing the nurturing after school care you need. Our Celina after school karate programs are the best available, so you can feel comfortable and confident when you team up with us.


We Are the Leaders in After School Karate Programs in Celina TX


As a family-owned and operated business by International Karate Hall of Fame Inductee and Olympic National Finalist Buddy Hudson, our programs are all family-centric. You can expect the highest level of teaching and care from our dedicated staff, and our instructors are certified at national and international levels, so you can trust in their professional expertise in teaching martial arts.


We offer value, enrichment and even the convenience of Celina after school transportation services should you be in need of them. A few highlights of our Celina after school karate programs include:


  • More value: Instead of just paying for a basic after care service, you get more for your money with our programs, which can give care and martial arts lessons for the same cost.
  • Enrichment: Allow you child to broaden his or her horizons in exploring the new skills that come with learning martial arts.
  • Fitness and more: While health and fitness is important, we focus more on overall wellness, and our programs can empower kids to have more concentration and better grades, be more comfortable socially and emotionally and increase self-esteem and leaderships skills.
  • Safety: Not only will you find a clean, safe environment, we also provide secure after school transportation services in Celina TX.


Help Your Child Reach His or Her Potential


Our Celina after school karate programs are top-ranked and loved by parents and kids alike. Call today to find out how you can have peace of mind with a high-quality after school care program, and your child can have fun and engaging experiences that have a lasting impact.