How to avoid aggravating your condition

Practitioners of martial arts, just like any other athletes, can suffer from injuries. This would hold true especially for athletes who are engaged in contact sports or games that have physical contact like football, basketball and soccer to name a few. Moreover, athletes or in this case, martial artists can get injured during a match, during a sparring session or even in a training.

Unless you are a professional fighter – think UFC, ONE FC, and you need to step inside the octagon soon, chances are you may have to sit down for a while and/or limit or totally stop your training while you are on the healing process. For amateurs or for those who are into martial arts for leisure and for physical fitness, getting injured may cause you to take a bow, pause and maybe stop your training totally. However, before you do something that may aggravate your situation, here are some tips which you may want to consider:

Be honest enough to tell your trainer or your coach where the pain is, which movement causes pain and discomfort. Although your coach or trainer may be adept in what he/she is doing, making an educated decision regarding your injuries may do more harm than good. It would be best if you consult a doctor or someone in the medical field in order to assess your condition. If you choose to stay at the gym and work around your injury, go easy and inform your trainer about your situation. Avoid saying, “it hurts a bit.” If your injury causes you discomfort or if it hurts, it would be best to stop training for a while. When you are hurting, you are not actually healing your injury, you are in fact making things worse.

This is not the UFC or the Olympics. When my son was training at a soccer camp, I can often hear parents pressuring their kids to excel or to do this or do that. The coach was worried that it would affect not only the kids’ performance, but will also have an impact on them mentally. What the coach and the trainers did was brilliant, they posted a sign that says that your kids are here for fun and for exercise, and this is not the World Cup. Remember you are not a professional athlete and you are not going to compete in the octagon tomorrow. When you are hurt, your number one priority is how to deal with your injury and not aggravate it further.

Focus on how you could recover from your injury. Maximize your time at the comfort of your home working on your recovery. This does not mean you have to sit all day and do nothing. There are several ways on how you could use your time at home while trying to recover. A visit from or to your massage therapist or a yoga instructor could help speed up your recovery process. Simple exercises like using a foam roller could come in handy in working out muscle spasms. Do all the things that does not cause you any pain or do things that can help you on your road to recovery. Icing for about ten minutes or hot compress could also help you recover faster. A visit to your doctor and having a diagnostic run could also be a sane idea, but without a doubt, the best way is to be nice to your body and listen to it.

If you are hurt in say, left shoulder, be careful not to cause other injuries. Should you decide to hit the gym, focus on some aspects like a cardio workout, like brisk walking. Focusing on your right shoulder while your left shoulder is injured can set yourself up for future problems, which could eventually lead to other injuries to your back, hips and legs. The steady unbalanced unilateral movement could, as a matter of fact, worsen your situation; instead, try to focus on some lower body and core exercises. Ask your trainer for the appropriate exercises that can help you recover.

Just like in other discipline, when your get injured while in a martial arts training, healing takes time. There is no quick fix when dealing with this issue. In general, try to avoid painkillers as this might have some side effects. Deal with the inflammation using natural methods like cold compress or using organic products. Topical balm can help in the relief of less serious injuries. Still, consulting a doctor about your injury is the best way in treating your injuries.

Lastly, if it hurts, stop. In the first place, your primary objective why you are into martial arts is to get you fitter, stronger and healthier. Getting injured and training through pain and skipping recovery will not bring you there. Instead you may end up as a couch potato.

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